Life is full of strange twists and unexpected turns...So most of us are curious to know what the future holds.

Vanshiji is gifted with the divine blessing to look deep into your destiny. Empowered by a strong sense of intuition, he expertly guides you on how to deal with uncertainties and avoid the pitfalls – at least, most of them.

Vanshiji’s powerful astrological guidance will prepare you to face tomorrow with confidence. His divine knowledge is indeed a boon for all those who seek health, peace, success and happiness in life.

Vanshiji enjoys a high-profile clientele - Bollywood stars, political leaders, artists and businesspersons trust Vanshiji’s specialist advice in planning and decision making.

Mr. Maheshwari combines this god given gift of intuition with his scientific knowledge to provide a better reading.

Shiri S.H. Raza (Artist, Paris)

Shri Vanshi Maheshwari is a poet and a literature lover. He is also famous for his knowledge on Astrology. I offer him my best wishes...

Late Shri Bhimsenji Joshi